Richard Tilbury makes ceramics and glass.


Richard is a self-taught glass and ceramics artist. He works from a small studio in Willesden "fusing and slumping" glass. 

His inspirations are the natural world, information and electronics. Richard's latest pieces explore "tapestry" in glass and vitrio-fossils, that capture or simulate the fossilisation of ephemera in glass. 

The Glass Tapestry 

21st May – 5th Jun 2021 

In his first solo exhibition, Richard Tilbury explores the use of glass almost as a textile, creating patchwork tapestries woven from “fabric” made of glass powders, which are then cut and fused in the kiln. The tapestries are abstract forms, interweaving colours and pattern rhythms; quilts of colour inspired by geology, landscapes, and organic forms. Alongside the tapestries run “the borders,” depicting a panoply of fish and birds - messengers of the imagination, bringers of past-memories, and the carriers of dreams. These images were heavily inspired by medieval and renaissance songs and folklore. 

Willesden Gallery, 95 High Road, NW10 2SF